Saturday September 18, 2021


 The 15th annual Emily Schindler Memorial Scholarship Triathlon will be held on Saturday, September 18, 2021. Registration Is now open. Information and registration forms will be available on, , and at the Severna Park Community Center. Hope to see you there.


As you can imagine, the safety of all the participants, spectators and volunteers is our top priority. Over the summer the planning team has devised many backup plans to keep everyone safe during the triathlon. Give the raise in COVID case we are enacting one of those backup plans. For this year’s triathlon we are going to make the following changes to check-in and the swim leg. The changes are meant to reduce crowds and physically distance participants without interfering with the triathlon.

Race Day Check-in and Swim Lane Assignments

Check will be held outside in the courtyard area between the Community Center and Holy Grounds. See Map Below.

At check-in participants will receive their race bag which contains a t-shirt, and race numbers and swim cap. Instead of receiving a lane assignment at check-in on a first come first serve basics we are going to let all participants signup for lane prior to the triathlon online. On Thursday September 16th at 6am we will email the sign-up sheet to all participants to reserve a lane in the pool.

Our pool has 6 lanes, instead of having 4 participants circle swimming in each lane this year we will have 2 participants splitting each lane. We will have 4 lanes for the sprint triathlon course and 2 lanes for the Flamingo Feat course. The sprint triathlon will be divided further into 4 swim speeds, Under 15 mins, 16-19mins, 20-25mins and over 26mins. Each participant will be splitting the lane so there is no need to pass or wait for the other swimmer. Each swimmer can go different speeds if needed.

We will start the triathlon 7am with 12 spots in the pool. Once a person has finished their swim the next participants will begin. We expect to have everyone done the swim leg of the triathlon by 8:30am.

Once a participant is finished the swim leg they can begin the bike and run legs on the B&A trial. We are keeping all the procedures the same for the Bike and Run legs.

We ask that participants arrive at check-in 30 mins before your schedule swim time to receive your race bag and check-in for your swim lane assignment. If you would like to arrive earlier to setup your bike on the trail or explore the race course that is fine but please don’t lineup for check-in until 30 mins before your schedule swim time. We are trying to limit large crowds at check-in for everyone’s safety.

COVID Protocol

Currently there are not any restriction at the Community Center or on the B&A trial in regards to mask or physical distance. If protocols change between now and September 18th we will email all participants and expect everyone follows the faculty’s protocols. Masks are not required at the triathlon but are highly recommended when standing in line for check-in or interacting with race volunteers.

If anyone has any question about the new procedure please feel free to email us. We are happy to answer all questions and concerns.

                                                                    We are looking forward to a wonderful triathlon,                                                                                                                                                  David Ensor                                                                                       Triathlon Coordinator